You are looking for graduates, interns or working students?

Then you have come to the right place!


Address the right target audience

With our help, you will definitely reach out to the right target group - students who are motivated to learn new things!


Foster innovation in the company

Get in touch with students and give young people the chance to bring a breath of fresh air into your structures. Invest in the future and become part of the Unication4u network!


Arouse interest among students

Students are the group in society that is most interested in trying new things. Awake these interests precisely with exciting job offers.

Why Unication4u?

As we are still students ourselves, we are of course very well connected in the university and can therefore approach your target group directly. In addition, we know what students are looking for, what they need and what concerns they have. So together we can form the perfect basis.

The only thing you have to do: send us your advertisement addressed to students. We’ll take care of the rest. So the printing, shipping and the rest of the organization are in our hands.

As a rule, a college notebook or sticky notes do not last just one day. Every day these materials are placed on the table in the library or at the study group and are thus visible to all. The advertising you place with us is not one-time but lasts for several weeks, if not months.
In addition, we are also happy about longer partnerships, in which we approach the planning together.

With our partnership you do not lose your money, you invest it! In addition to the additional attention, you can get in touch with young people and thus gain new potential employees, working students and interns. This way you benefit not only today but also tomorrow.